iPhone 5C Error code 1 When Restore with iTunes

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asked Apr 2, 2016 by Mr Lee Stokes

Hi I updated my iPhone 5c and after it finished it stayed on apple sign and I tried dfu mode to restore now it goes 60% and then tell me error code -1 what do I do?

fix iphone 5c error 1

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answered Apr 2, 2016 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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Hello Mr Lee,

I recommend you to try the following methods to resolve the error -1 in iTunes:

  1. Try a DFU restore (Put your iPhone in DFU mode, then restore it).
  2. Update iTunes to the latest version.
  3. Try to restore your iPhone on another computer.

More tips on how to resolve iTunes error -1 can be found here http://www.unlockboot.com/2015/10/how-to-fix-itunes-error-1-iphone-5-4s.html