How to Find IMEI on a Passcode locked iPhone 6

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asked Nov 17, 2015 by stephannn (360 points)
Hello iPhone help team. I have a iPhone 6 that is locked with passcode. I forgot the passcode and I need to find the imei code. Can you help me to find the imei code of my locked iPhone 6?

I tried to dial *#06# but do not worked for me. Is there any other way to find the imei code before I restore it via itunes? I need the imei to check if the phone is iCloud locked.

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answered Nov 17, 2015 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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If you have a iPhone 6, the easiest way to find the imei code is to look at the back of the phone. The imei code is engraved to the back of your phone. If you have a protective case you need to remove it to see the imei. See the image below:

Find imei iPhone 6

The other way is to connect your device to the computer and open iTunes. Then you need to click to the summary tab and you will see the device serial or imei code.

To check the activation lock you can use the serial number (not needed the imei). You can go to this link to check it:

The alternative way to find the imei of your iPhone 6 is to use iTools. You can download it from the web.

Good luck! Post a comment below if you need more help.


commented Mar 13, 2016 by josiah duke
I have got an iphone5s with passcode on it nd.i have forgotten the passcode,is there anyway i can retrive my passcode using my phone imei