How to Fix iTunes Error 53 iPhone 6

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asked Nov 20, 2015 by stephannn (360 points)

Hello dear help forum. Today I replaced the screen on my iPhone 6. After that I tried to restore my phone with iTunes and I got a Unknown error 53 message. I tried to restore it again, but no success. Now my iPhone is stuck in the recovery screen and I can't restore it. 

Here's the screenshot from iTunes restore process:

Fix iTunes Error 53Here's what I tried to fix the error 53:

  • Restored my iPhone on another PC - again error 53
  • Updated the iTunes app - but no success.
  • Changed the USB cable - no success.
  • DFU restore - still the same error 53.

Is there any way to fix iTunes error 53 problem? I can't use my iPhone anymore. 



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answered Nov 29, 2015 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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Here are the possible solutions to fix iTunes error 53 on your iPhone:

  1. Reinstall iTunes - If you reinstall iTunes, this may will help you to fix the error 53 because the iTunes can create conflicts. If this still not fixed the error 53, then move to the next method.
  2. Update your drivers - Update your Windows based computer drivers to the latest version. This will help you to have better communication between your device and the computer. Reinstalling the drivers will also help to get your device recognized by iTunes.
  3. Did you changed the Display? - If you changed the iPhone's screen recently, then this can be the main problem you getting Error 53 message in iTunes. Try to put back your old home touch id button to avoid error 53. After you replace the home button, connect your device to iTunes and click restore. The restore process will be completed and the error 53 will be not shown now.
  4. Damaged touch id flex cable - If you have repaired the touch id button, then the flex cable can be damaged. This is the reason why you got iTunes error 53. You need to buy a new flex cable and replace it. After you replace the flex cable, restore the device again and the error 53 will be fixed.
  5. Visit Apple Store - If your iPhone is still under warranty, I recommend you to visit apple store to give them your phone to be repaired. They have special software to pair the home button with the motherboard, and the error 53 will be fixed forever.
Please post a comment below if you need more help about the error 53 on your iPhone 6.