How to Fix iCloud Storage Full Error on iPhone 6

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asked Dec 14, 2016 by Steve

I'm getting the message my iCloud storage is full on my iPhone 6. I searched and read the article here to fix the problem. However, I have a question. May seem dumb to ask, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! I can follow the directions until I get to "This iPhone". That never appears on my screen.

icloud storage full on iphone

However, I do see iCloud Photo Library with 3 GB next to it. When I click on that, I get "Disable and Delete", not Turn Off & Delete. Am I safe to click "Disable and Delete"? Is it the same as Turn Off & Delete? Kinda scary stuff to me!!

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answered Dec 14, 2016 by Sonia
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  1. I believe the reason it doesn't say "This iPhone" may be because you don't have more than one on your Apple ID, just a guess about that. I do have "This iPhone" because I have an old backup on there.
  2. To get to the screen he is talking about, you want to tap under "Backups" to get to the next screen. Turn off Photo Library will turn of the ability to backup photos using iCloud Backup.
  3. The difference I found for "iCloud Photo Library" will also turn off photo update, AND will also delete what is currently on iCloud and you have 30 days to download it to another device. So the difference to me seems to be that one turns off future updates and one turns off and delete current photos. So either one would work as long as you make sure you download your photos to a computer if you want to save them.
  4. And it is safe to hit disable and delete. It will disable iCloud Photo Library, so your photos will not be backed up the photo library, however, it will also erase photos currently on iCloud so you will need to back them up to your computer within 30 days.