iPhone 6 Cannot take Photo Memory full error

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asked Dec 14, 2016 by Hope

iPhone 6 is saying that it does not have enough memory on phone to take more pictures or download apps. This is a iPhone 6 16gb model. We have purchased 50gb of data more through the iCloud storage plan but it's still saying not enough. Please help.

iphone 6 memory full

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answered Dec 14, 2016 by Mike
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Unfortunately, iCloud storage isn't going to help in your case because iCloud is just online and lets you see photos that are on another device or computer to share with all devices.

In order to free up space you'll want to have a PC or Mac with iCloud Photos. Transfer all your photos to the Mac or PC, this will let you put them in iCloud and you will be able to still see them on the iPhone. After saving the photos to the PC, you'll want to erase most or all the photos from the PHONES memory, which will free it up to take new pictures.

Your pictures will be in iCloud, just save on the computer, and you will be able to SEE them on the iPhone, but won't be saved to the iPhone.
commented Dec 14, 2016 by Hope
I have this cloud storage on my phone tho and it works how I thought it Wud. I have nearly used all my storage but it's using my iCloud storage instead but on my sisters it's not.
So if she loads all pictures onto her mac computer. Deletes them off of her phone- they will still be on her phone??
But it's not just photos it won't let her download it's also apps. And like what's app sayings it's to full.
commented Dec 14, 2016 by Mike
If she deletes them from her phone she will be able to see them as long as iCloud is signed in on her Mac and the photos are in the iCloud folder. She will still have the photos on her Mac, but iCloud will share them to her iPhone and free up space on her iPhone for apps, photos, documents, data, etc. The memory that is being used up by photos is what's preventing her from downloading more apps too.
commented Dec 14, 2016 by Steve
From my understanding of iCloud, a photo has to be saved somewhere to stay in iCloud. So by signing into iCloud Photos on PC or Mac, you can save a copy to the computer and put those photos in iCloud Photo folder so you can still access it on the iPhone via iCloud, but it won't take up the space on the iPhone. You can then access the photos on all devices and take new photos on the iPhone.