How to Find my Stolen iPhone 6S via iCloud?

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asked Jan 3, 2017 by Jose
My Daughter's iPhone 6s, 16gb was stolen January 2nd , two days before her birthday. It was her birthday present. It is the rose gold iPhone 6s , it had a clear case with gold flakes in it. If anyone has any info on it , please contact me by private message. Or if you have bought one from someone recently and is wondering about it , please contact me. I can provide the imei number in private message. The iPhone 6s was at&t .The last 4 numbers of the IME is 9294.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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answered Jan 3, 2017 by Mike
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Did she have Find My iPhone turned on the device?
commented Jan 3, 2017 by Jose
No, she hadn't turned it on yet or set up icloud yet. She only had it a few days before it got stolen.
commented Jan 3, 2017 by Mike
Oh that's awful. It means your chances of getting it back are pretty slim. Find My iPhone would be the best chance to find it. Sorry that happened to her, it really is just awful.
commented Jan 3, 2017 by Steve
Was is it insured? I have T-Mobile and my Apple iPhone is insured at $12 a month. If it becomes lost or stolen or damaged I just make a claim and get a replacement. I have to pay a deductible and in my case it was $175. Check with your carrier or whoever you bought the phone from to see if you signed up for insurance. Hopefully you did and you can make a claim. I'm sorry this happened to you.
commented Jan 3, 2017 by Mike
That is an excellent idea. If she does have insurance she would need to call ASAP. They have a time limit with T-Mobile for example.
commented Jan 3, 2017 by Jose
I've called them , they sent me the paperwork to fill out. Just can't afford the 200.00 they want to get it started right now. Disability is spread thin. It just keeps getting better and better.