How to Erase Lost iPhone 6 via iCloud

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asked Nov 28, 2015 by Thomas Blake
My iPhone 6 is lost. But when i go to iCloud and then in find my iPhone it tells that iPhone is offline. But now i want to erase it completely. When i click on the erase button it tells that your iPhone is erased when it is connected to internet now please tell me what to do? Please help me to erase my iPhone.

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answered Nov 28, 2015 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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When the robber connects to Internet then all your data will be erased bro. But too bad you didn't switch on location services if not now could have caught the robber by tracking his location by find my iPhone but still if he switched off your iPhone can't track him. But with imei number just go to police station and make a complaint. They'll block the iPhone itself making it totally useless for anyone. You need to sign in to iCloud and erase the device.

erase lost iPhone 6

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