How to Activate iPhone 6 plus Without iCloud ID & Forgotten Password?

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asked Jun 21, 2017 by panthergirl10 (120 points)
I bought an iphone 6 plus a week ago, only to find out that it is blacklisted. I called Apple Support and was told that the phone isn't locked/stolen but the Find My iPhone was left on (which is why it's showing blacklisted) and to just contact the original owner and have them turn it off (no luck with that of course). I can send you a picture of the activation screen. Is there ANYTHING you can do to get it working? I currently DON'T have a phone, so I'm using my computer to do all my communicating... :(
The IMEI is: 359244064208789   The Serial # is: FK1PPTQBG5QY    and
The UDID is: AAC12E82EC5C0A6E11370D014C1DEF6CB42D7795

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