Apple has had my Apple Id in Account Recovery for close to a month now. UGH! Help!

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asked Aug 13, 2017 by Bessie
Something bizarre happened one morning after charging iPhone overnight.  The screen just had a line down the middle.  Couldn't turn on.  Took phone to Apple Store and they tried to get into my phone but... i went brain dead and forgot my Apple id & password.

They placed my Apple id in Recovery Mode and now Ii I finally found my id & password, but of course I'm locked out. I can't get past the Activation screen on my phone or log into iCloud.  I just want to get any family photos off phone or icloud before I may have to reset the device.  Problem is I can't even log in or go further on my phone after HOLA -- enter Apple Id, etc.  Any suggestions? or do I wait like I'm death row with Apple.

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