Can you please help me with contacts?

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asked Apr 22, 2018 by Stana
Hello, there :)

my iPhone 7 behaves really very strange. I think there will be some technical problem and problem with connection. ( for example: on Instagram with contacts it writes me it couldn't connect, that I should check Internet connection and try later.) I tried to look some setting in my iMac and iPhone, and nothing...

I manually added some phone contacts to my iPhone to address book, contacts was shown on my iMac too in app Messages and when I restarted my iPhone, my manually added contacts disappeared... Can it be by wrong iPhone? Im really unhappy, because I feel that contacts must be "in" my phone, but maybe there is some mistake...I have never seen anything like that :-( Maybe it can be software mistake :-(


Than you for your help,


Stana K.

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