Fix Safari Cannot Open Page Because The Address Is Invalid

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asked Nov 29, 2015 by Peter

I'm not able to login with Facebook on apps. I use some apps that only allow to login with Facebook. When I tried to login I got a error popup Safari Cannot Open Page Because The Address Is Invalid.

Here's the screenshot from the error page:

Fix Safari Cannot Open Page 

So what is the solution for this error? How to fix this error on my iPhone?

commented Mar 11, 2017 by MadMadVoltron
I had the same issue in safari on my iphone 7 plus. It's actually a simple fix. Go to settings and into safari settings, there you can choose to clear browsing history and website data. By clearing everything it basically resets the safari app and allows you to go back into the app again. Hope this helps.
commented Jul 16, 2018 by anonymous
clear history and website data is grayed out.
commented Nov 6, 2020 by Derp
How do you reset website data
commented Nov 6, 2020 by anonymous
Thank's...Couldn't open youtube with Safari. I Had the same message...
.that did the trick for me...


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answered Nov 29, 2015 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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Here are the possible solutions to fix Safari Cannot Open Page Because The Address Is Invalid error on iPhone:

  1. Check accounts settings of your Facebook account. Maybe app logins is not enabled.
  2. Contact the Website / App and tell them about this problem.
  3. Try to sign in to the native Facebook connection via the Settings -> Facebook.
  4. Sign in to Facebook first, then try to connect the app / website to Facebook.
If still not fixed this error, please post a comment below.
commented Mar 17, 2016 by Soubelle44
It happens on e every link from mypoints in AOL. These previously opened.
commented Dec 12, 2016 by Angel
While surfing somewhere to watch The Walking Dead show, a message popped up to open my App Store. I hit cancel, then the screen turned red and said something like your machine is now infected with [something that I can't remember] followed by another link that said "click here to fix this error".  I called bullshit on the whole click here crap and clicked cancel.

The next thing I know I try to enter Safari and a message pops up "Cannot open page. Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid".

I tried resetting my network settings, but I still cannot open Safari at all. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!
commented Jan 3, 2017 by anonymous
Angel, this same thing happened to me.  Did you figure out how to fix it?
commented Jan 28, 2017 by Kassidee Schwab
were you ever able to fix this problem?
commented Mar 9, 2017 by adi
I'm getting "Safari Cannot Open Page Because The Address Is Invalid." and after closing this alert I'm able to open or install app. I want to know that is there any issue from backend and if issue exits then what is the issue and what is the problem.?
commented Aug 13, 2017 by Cat
I just fixed the same problem on an iphone. Go to settings> General> Restrictions> Safari. Make sure it is "allowed" or turned on (swipe to green). Exit out of settings and retry. It should work.
commented Nov 29, 2017 by Gilles
Thank god ! This is the first answer that works for me...
Thanks Cat!
commented Nov 6, 2020 by Dick Tweed
WTF does Fakebook have to do with Safari functions?  Can someone have a rotten apple device and not subscribe to Fakebook?
commented Nov 6, 2020 by Liam
I tryed your method and it idid't work
commented Nov 6, 2020 by anonymous
yay it worked