iPhone 11 is Acting Weird Lately Help

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asked Nov 6, 2020 by anonymous
Hello guys, I'm new here.

I have problems with my iPhone 11 and I'm worried it might be monitored or hacked.

Lately the battery is draining WAY WAY WAY fast and barely lasts half a day, before I used to finish my day and it's still around 60%. It's heating up real quick and some apps crash sometimes.

I opened the camera once and it kept showing that circle loading in the middle not knowing why (normally never happens). and then i reopened it and took a picture and did the same thing after pressing the button and didn't save the picture.

I also see in the keyboard in frequently used emojis some emojis appear twice and some I've never used before appear there too.

In Siri App Suggestions it's suppose to show apps I use the most, recently it shows apps I almost never open like wallet and files. and one time it rebooted by itself.

Why is all of this happening? I never jailbroke it and only download from the App Store and make sure not to open risky links. Help?

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