Fix This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID Account

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asked Mar 9, 2016 by anonymous

Hello, dear iPhone help team. I bought an iPhone 6 before 3 months from Ebay. Yesterday I tried to upgrade my phone to iOS 9.3 beta and after the installation I got a message in iTunes: This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID (s•••• Sign in with the Apple ID that was used to set up this iPhone.

iPhone is currently linked to an apple id

I do not have access to this iCloud ID. I used other Apple id to download apps and games from App store. I tried to enter it, but it was not accepted.

I also tried to activate my iPhone via Wi-Fi, but I got the same message: "This iPhone is currently linked to an Apple ID".

I also tried to contact the seller on Ebay to give me the iCloud id, but he didn't reply yet. Now I'm stuck on this screen, and I do not have access to my iPhone.

Is there any solution to fix this problem and recover my phone? My phone is bricked and I can't use it anymore?

Please help me.

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answered Mar 9, 2016 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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If you see this error message in iTunes or on your iPhone, here's the best solution to fix it:

  1. Try to contact the previous owner of the device and ask for the Apple ID and password or ask to remove the iPhone from his iCloud account. If the owner remove your device from his Apple ID, then you can activate it.
  2. Try to restore it to Official iOS Firmware (Download the latest firmware - non-beta and restore it).
  3. If you have a proof of purchase, try to contact Apple support.
  4. Try to use this iCloud lock bypass method.

Another way to bypass the iCloud lock screen is to use the DNS bypass method.