Mobile Network Not Available Samsung Galaxy S4 - How to Fix?

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asked Mar 13, 2016 by Michael

When I try to make a call with my Samsung Galaxy S4 the mobile network not available message appears. How can I fix this error and make a calls again with my Galaxy S4? I already tried to restart my phone, and call again, but again got a mobile network not available error.

Mobile network not available

I tried to select manual network from settings, but the message mobile network not unavailable was appeared again.

I also tried to re-insert my sim card, but still can't make calls. Yesterday my phone was fine, but today I can't make calls. How to resolve this error? Please help me.


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answered Mar 13, 2016 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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Hello Michael, we have some fixes for you to resolve mobile network not available error on your Samsung Galaxy S4 - please follow the steps:

  1. Check your imei code. if it's invalid or null, then you need to recover it.
  2. Factory reset your phone. Try to reset your phone to fix mobile network not available error.
  3. If still the message appears, then try to flash your phone to reinstall the android software.
  4. Activate Auto network mode - Go to -> Settings -> Wireless and networks -> Mobile networks -> Network operators -> Select automatically.
  5. Replace your battery. The broken battery can be the main problem for the mobile network not available error.
  6. Insert other sim card. If your sim card is damaged, then you need to use another sim.
If the methods above are not working, then please post a comment below. Our support team will try to resolve your problem.