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WiFi Not Working iPad 2 GSM Model - How to Fix

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asked Mar 15, 2016 by Jerome

Pls help me. WiFi not working iPad 2. WiFi not turning on. On my ipad 2 ios 9.2.1 16gb. I tried to reset network settings / hard restart, but my WiFi not working again. I just woke up one day, and my ipad WIFi not turning on. I did combo power + home then after doing it my iPad's Wifi won't turn on.

wifi not work iPad

How to fix this problem and resolve my WiFI issue? 



1 Answer

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answered Mar 15, 2016 by ihelpadmin (19,480 points)
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Hello Jerome,

Here are the possible 3 solutions to resolve the WiFi not working on your iPad issue:

  1. Put your iPad in DFU mode, and restore it with a fresh firmware.
  2. Try to Activate / Deactivate Airplane mode - then connect to WiFI.
  3. Replace your WIFI Module. You need to visit a repair shop or Apple store.