IMSI Code Sprint USA for R-Sim 10

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asked Mar 15, 2016 by John
Hello. I have a iPhone 6 locked to Sprint USA and I need a IMSI code to enter for my R-Sim 10 card. When I put my R-sim in my device it ask for IMSI code. I searched online, but I didn't found the IMSI Code for Sprint. Can you tell me the IMSI Code for Sprint carrier?

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answered Mar 15, 2016 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
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Hello John.

Please use other sim card to reset the R-Sim and enter the code, then use your sim card. After you reset the R-Sim card, you can select the auto option Sprint from the menu.

If this method does not working, then enter this IMSI Code 3160101

After you enter the IMSI code, tap Accept and restart your device. Now your device will connect to the network normally.

Note: Make sure you do not have a pin enabled on your sim card.
commented May 18, 2018 by ihelpadmin (19,980 points)
If the RSIM 10 does not works on iOS 11 then anyone can use the updated version